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Welcome to Unoffical EMS NG Forum & Forum Rules
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Welcome to the unofficial EMS NG forum. This forum is meant to provide a community for EMS NG authors and users to find information for using the EMS NG software suite developed for the US Army. The focus of this forum is on using the EMS NG Viewer, authoring tools, and technical issues that come up during their use. Once you have registered and been approved, you will be able to see the sections of the forum for EMS NG discussion.

This is a moderated forum and all users must register and be approved before they are allowed to post.

The following are the rules of the forum. This is meant to be an informal area for the EMS NG community but if there are problems actions will be taken to keep things civil and on topic in the forums. Here are the rules.

Be respectful of other posters.
Be polite and respectful of other posters opinions. Where appropriate the moderators will edit or remove posts that are not respectful of other members. Repeated violations of this rule will result in the user being banned. Treat the other members the way you would like to be treated. We may not always agree, but at least respect the other individuals’ right to have a differing opinion.

Post only unclassified, non-ITAR and non-proprietary information
While some topics and forum areas can be hidden from the general public do not assume that information posted in this forum is completely private on this site. Do not post information on this forum that you would not post on a public internet site.

Do not post advertising for your company services.
This forum is meant to be a technical forum for solving issues with the EMS NG software. Posts that are interpreted as advertising a specific contractor will either be edited to remove the advertising or removed completely. If there is enough interest in members listing their businesses a separate forum section may be created in the future for these posts.

Discussions should focus on technical issues with the EMS NG software.
The focus of the forum is on technical issues with the software. These technical issues can be associated with the viewer, authoring tools or the Content Management System (CMS). Posts that are off topic will be warned and possibly deleted if they stray into other areas of discussion. Continued infractions will result in the user being banned from the forum.
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