Author Topic: ADM HWG Files - Connecting to the ADM for a new or modified IETM  (Read 2603 times)

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ADM HWG Files - Connecting to the ADM for a new or modified IETM
« on: September 18, 2014, 09:07:31 PM »

After creating a new IETM an error message is shown on the MSD that the ADM is not configured and the EMS NG Viewer cannot connect to hardware.


A configuration file needs to be made accessible to the ADM that defines the ECUs, bus and other hardware information used when reading codes or the multimeter values. The file has an hwg extension and the existing IETM HWG files are stored in the C:\ONEIL\ADM\bin directory. A patch can be created by copying another HWG file, modifying it to support your IETM and then dropping it in the directory. However, if a new version of the ADM is installed the HWG file will also need to be copied onto the MSD. And if functionality changed in ADM the HWG patch file may or may not work correctly.

Based on what I know, the name of the HWG file must match the name of the configuration file in order for the IETM to find it when trying to connect to the ADM. The HWG file must also exist in the ADM\bin directory. There is an article on the Service-Now site for EMS that tells how to use an existing HWG file if the vehicle ECUs and bus are exactly the same. There may be other options for specifying that another HWG file should be used for the IETM>

In the past I have put in requests for a new HWG file when a new IETM is created. In order to have the HWG file available with the ADM, the ADM software installation has to be updated. This may have changed and it may not be required that the ADM software is updated in order to include a new IETM HWG file. If anyone is developing a new IETM that uses intrusive troubleshooting, I highly recommend contacting the EMS office to find out the current procedure from the contractor for connecting to the ADM software. Some lead time may be required in order to make sure the IETM is fielded with an EMS NG viewer and ADM that will support it fully.
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